How to connect a core to a Roon Tested amp?

Been using Roon exclusively on my desktop PC for my headphones for some time, and I’ve just acquired a Denon amp that is Roon tested. I’d like to be able to use the DSP in my Core app to do some form of EQ / room correction. I’ve got Roon app also installed on a mobile and a tablet, but have never used it, so am not at all familiar with its operation. What is most effective way to set this up?

Has your Denon amp an integrated dac?
Maybe specify your model.

Yes, it’s the PMA-900HNE.
The alternative options for room correction are expensive, at least using Roon as the source I can effect DSP on the digital streams. At the moment I only use Roon as my streaming player on a desktop and headphone dac/amp setup. One of the appealing features of the Denon is that it is potentially compatible.

Using the Roon remote app on mobile and tabet is completely transparent. You can use that for your current setup with your headphone amp as well as your new Denon amp. Just try them out. Especially on a tablet it is easy and enjoyable to use.

Related to uour Denon amp, first step is to connect it usin usb (preferably) and then in Roon go to Settings - Audio.
There you can see if and how the amp presents itself to your Roon core.
Setting up and configuring DSP is explained in Roon’s knowledge base, but is dependent on the supported protocol. My guess is that connection will be using Airplay (version 1 since Roon does not support version 2).

Please start from there, and ask more detailed questions once you have your basic setup configured and documented.

This is wrong advice. USB and AirPlay are two completely separate connection methods. AirPlay is the only Roon Tested connection on the Denon integrated amp. USB audio is not supported.


In which case it won’t work for me, as I use android devices. I guess I’ll have to use bubblepnp and the inbuilt heos sysyem, unless Roon is compatible with sonos. I can quickly check that out.
There is a WiFi / network into the amp, would that not provide a route?

That has no relevance to the AirPlay implementation on the Roon core.


The network interface is how Roon will connect to the Denon via AirPlay.


OK. I assumed Airplay was apple tech only.

I can see that I can connect Roon to one of my Sonos networks (S2). I have an original connect on an S1 O/S that Roon does not recognise, is that because of the O/S or another reason? I can also see that I can toggle a preset EQ DSP profile using the remote app, but I can’t edit the EQ points, presumably this is only possible in the core. In my case, that will make setting up a room specific DSP profile challenging, as the core is in a different room / level in my house!

The location of the core has nothing to do with DSP capabilities. DSP capabilities depend on the equipment your remote is running on. The application on your PC is actually a remote. It has more DSP capabilites than the developers included in the phone and tablet apps for a variety of reasons mostly I suspect having to do with the limited real estate of the UI. Anyway, you can modify the DSP settings for any of the filters from your PC.

Sonos can be a little tricky on Roon. I’ve noticed that sometimes a simple reboot of the Sonos device will enable it in Roon. Worth a try.

Thane for the info, I figured I’ll just have to keep running up and down the stairs to adjust the room DSP for that playback setting profile until I’ve got rid of the more obvious nodes / standing wave resinance peaks.

OK, I’ve connected my Sonos connect → HIFi amp onboard DAC → speakers out. It really doesn’t appear to like VPNs on the Core device, when connected to one, my mobile cannot detect the core, turn the VPN off, and it dumps me out of qobuz, and won’t recognise the login credentials, so I have to reboot the core app. This is somewhat frustrating.