How to connect Roon to an LS60?

I was planning to wait until the LS60 Roon Ready certification was official before upgrading from my LS50W gen 1 speakers but one of my local retailers is offering a promotion that gives a pretty decent guaranteed minimum trade in value for LS50W trade in against a pair of LS60 so I’m considering jumping the gun. If I buy the LS60 now with the current firmware what do I get, a RAAT client that is Roon tested but not Roon ready like my gen 1 LS50W or no ability to see the LS60 as a native (RAAT) Roon endpoint but instead needing to connect via Airplay or Chromecast (Airplay supports higher nitrate I think)?

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Can you use a Raspberry Pi running RoPieee?

My previous gen LS50W and LSX can stream via AirPlay or KEF Streaming (Roon Ready RAAT isn’t available in these versions). Since I don’t need to group among other RAAT endpoints, this has worked well for me. If this is an option, then the deal may make sense. The firmware for Roon Ready is expected this fall, so you are only a few weeks away.