How to control Roon from a third party app?


Hi all,

I’m using a home automation software called Touchcontrol:

Can somebody enlighten me how to include Roon remote controls (transport functions, link to Roon app…) in this kind of third party app?

TouchControl can use different protocols (Event Trigger, HTTP…) and I can deal with that controlling all my AV gear over LAN and IR), but frankly I just don’t know how to start to integrate some Roon controls into it.

Which protocol is to be used, how to connect with Roon server, where can I find the Roon commands and its syntax etc.?

I would just need a starting point and I’m pretty sure I can take it from there as soon as I understand the principles.

Any feedback and help is much appreciated!

Happy listening


Seems not to be so easy?

(Harry ten Berge) #3

If you look around you’ll find links to Roon’s github page where you can read about the Roon API.
Good starting point would be to have a look at the HTTP extension, as it exposes a simple JSON/REST api that you can control.


Thanks, but these seem to be external programs that have their own code and need to be installed. As the TouchControl is a third party software already and can send http commands itself, the only thing I would need to know is the plain command structure that Roon listens to.

Can somebody help me?

(Harry ten Berge) #5

Roon does not ‘listen to’ ‘plain commands’, especially not over HTTP. It has it’s own protocols.
So you can’t hook it up just like that.


Thanks Harry. So the only way is to install one of the API extensions?