How to Convert to and Output DSD to my DAC?


I’m not able to figure out how to convert PCM to DSD or even play a DSD source without converting it to PCM. It does not appear to be an option in DSP. The server is a Sonic Transporter i5, the player is an Optical Rendu Lite, and the DAC is the Denafrips Ares 12th.

Even with a DSD source file, Roon insists on converting it to PCM.

Here are a few screen shots. What am I missing?

You can’t do any DSP on native DSD it needs to be turned into PCM first. This includes any volume control. Try turning off headroom adjustment and the DSP volume on the opticalRendu and see if that helps.

Seems this is not correct, as you can set the following option in “Sample rate conversion” tab

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Where is that setting? I do not see that option in my DSP section. The Sample rate conversion screenshot is what I get.

Denafrips says this about its Ares 12th:

SGC says this about their ORL:

Not an owner of any of your stuff, I’d say check your ST and ORL setup options to get them to properly report their capabilities for Roon to be able to reflect appropriate options.
Can’t easily find respective instructions on SGC’s website.

Over and out

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I would turn “software volume control” off .

(But way to go with overspending. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I would replace that sonic transporter with a NUC and the ultrarendu with a raspberry pi4)

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@VinshineAudio The Ares 12th may not be reporting it’s capabilities to Roon?

… because you might have not checked and adjusted their settings accordingly …

Other than selecting OS or NOS and a filter, there are no settings on the DAC.

DENAFRIPS DACs are not Roon Ready (yet), hence, it will not populate its capabilities to roon. It’s in our bucket list to get roon certified, perhaps sometime this year.

I would disable all volume control, headroom adjustment etc. Please confirm that you do not need volume control (you have a preamp/integrated amp for analog volume control) though.

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I do not have any HW volume control at this time, so need to do it through SW.

That may be the case, but I suggested to …

… so did you check those also?

Yes, ORL is set for DoP, which is the advised option to select for a DSD capable DAC.

There are not any options in the ST relative ro DSP or DSD playback.

It sounds like the DAC not being Roon Ready is not capable of fully identifying itself in Roon including its DSD capabilities.

Hi Alvin,

Any progress towards Roon certification?

DACs unless they have network streaming capabilities will never be Roon Ready only Roon Tested. Different criteria completely,but when it’s Roon Tested,Roon will identify the DACs capabilities correctly.