How to copy music files on a Roon NUC

I am using a Intel Nuc. to run my Roon Core. Previously I used a PC which made file transfers easy. How do I transfer music files on a hard drive (attached to the NUC) to a USB drive (thumb drive) now that I am not running on a laptop?

You’ll need to use another computer to do the copy. And even if you copy between the USB on the NUC and the internal drive it will go via the network.

You probably could copy between the external USB on the NUC and the internal drive via a file browser app on an tablet /phone , but using a computer will be easier.

I am a little unclear on the mechanics of the how-to. PC USB to Nuc. USB and then use the PC’s file folder system to do the copying?

If you have a PC - then it’s best to plug the USB stick into the PC.

Then copy direct from the USB stick to the NUC internal shared drive over the network.

You can plug the USB into the nuc - and then use the PC to copy between two network shared drives - but then the files are being transferred across the network twice.

There is no way to get files onto the NUC internal drive except via the network.

To copy music between the PC and the NUC over the network, see here:

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For clarity, when you say “on a hard drive (attached to the NUC)”, how is it “attached”? USB, internal?

If the “hard drive” is USB, then connect both the hard drive and thumb drive to a PC and transfer files from one to the other using PC file explorer is the fastest.

If the “hard drive” is internal to the NUC/ROCK, then attach the USB thumb drive to a PC and then copy the files from the NUC/ROCK storage location over the network to the thumb drive.

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It is a USB external. I am going on a long car trip and wanted to copy some music files from the NUC external hard (which contains around 4K+ albums) onto the thumb drive to plug into my vehicle for listening.

Then it’s easiest to detach the USB from the NUC (shut down the NUC first) and attach it to the PC. Attach the thumb drive to the PC as well, copy the files.

Make sure that, when moving the USB back to the NUC, you eject it properly from the PC (“safely remove” in Windows), in particular if it is an NTFS formatted drive.

Alternatively, leave the USB on the NUC, connect the PC to the NUC over the network (with Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder as in the above link). Attach the thumb drive to the PC as well. Copy the files.