How to correct a wrong composition association

so, this is my my question. sorry i have not searched extensively in the forum, i hope this is not a duplicate.
anyway, i’ve got this composition:

the association is wrong. in fact sunny skylar is the author of the english translation (i guess), so it should appear only in the beatles album. the other tracks should be associated to another compostition, by consuelo velasquez (the original composer)

actually i have it (even though also this one is not well identified, as there is [live], anyways)

so, my point is: how do i break the association of one (or more) tracks with a certain composition AND at the same time create a new composition for it?
i would expect something like a “unidentify this track” function similar to “unidentify this album” function. this should create automatically a new composition with the same title as the track.
and, if by chance i have the same “correct” composition played in another album, i could merge it with the new “unidentified” one…
or… even better… a “identify this track composition” function, similar to “identify album”, resulting in a list of compositions in rove db to chose from…

am i missing something?
in general… i find the “compositions” side of roon very difficult and vary user-unfriendly…
one for all… the double layer of “track composers” and “composition composers”… is quite confusing sometimes and very work-intensive when you want to edit them (if you want to add/remove/change composers for a track, most of the times you have to do it 2 times, one at track level and one at composition level…). even though i understand the logic of it, i would like an easier way…

i have to say to the @staff @support that i have submitted i think 3 major software problems concerning compositions/composers that… have been answered but have not been solved.

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sorry for your troubles, and the apparent lack of interest in solving it. my first question is: have you determined whether the problem exists with ALLmusic? If so, stop, notify Roon and Allmusic, and have something to “soothe the savage beast”.

another tip: click on the wrong Sunny Skylar in your first window, select the tracks where wrong Sunny appears, Edit Tracks/ Edit Credits/Remove Sunny’s name from the list of credits. That might take care of the wrong Sunny.

Then, in the same Edit Credits window, add the “correct Sunny”. It may be among your artists; or you may have to create him/her.

This advice is not official Roon advice. Any perception to the contrary is at least misguided and possibly illegal. :slight_smile:

HTH John

so, no response at all from @staff or @support

here is another example:

one is the original version (in french, by J. brel).
the other one is the english translation.
the point is that i have no performances of the english version. so, all tracks associated to that one should in fact be associated to the other composition.


Have you tried an external editor to change the Composition tag and the select Prefer File in the album editor, multi part option

Might work

Almost certainly the 3rd party sources tha Roon uses will be wrong, Ronan just propagates the error. A manual edit may be the best way out


i’d love to manually edit
in fact, that’s the title of the thread: “how to correct a wrong composition association”

i’ve tried (not now) to add a composition (WORK) tag, but in the case of a single track (non multi-part composition) roon completely ignores it. at least, that’s what i remember, but i’ll give a try here.

Ah ! My/efforts were on classical multi part works like a 4 movement symphony etc

A single track may well not work


yes, it does not work

Tough sorry to raise hopes


In this case: wouldn’t “merge compositions” work, taking the original one as master?

it would work, but i’d loose the second version of the composition (the english translated one).

Old thread, but I ran into this problem and found this conversation so I thought I’d contribute the results of my experimentation. I was dealing with incorrect associations of single-part (classical) works to a composition entity in Roon.

I agree with you that on the surface, Roon seems to completely ignore WORK tags in single-track compositions. However, creating a WORK tag for such tracks has helped me rectify the incorrect associations to the “composition” entity. So it seems that Roon does look at them in the background after all…

old thread, but I’d like to add a composition to an unidentified album, in this case a new mastering of an old recording of the Verdi Requiem. I’ve added relevant credits for conductor, composer, orchestra, soloists, etc, but do not see a way to add the WORK or COMPOSITION.


I’d start a new thread under support, metadata rather than assume a 4 year old one is going to get any attention.

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