How to deal with a huge audiobook library on Roon?

Promise, my last question until I before I buy my lifelong license (and recover my failed NAS). I have a huge audiobook library (1.2TB) which I mostly recorded from tape (!) in the 90s. I am saying this to explain that there will be no entries in the database, ever! All these files were names to .m4b. They were all named in iTunes. If I transfer all these files to Roon, what will happen, and what do I need to do to keep these many files … let’s say organized. Here my questions:

  1. I understand that Roon does not like .m4b but will process .m4a! Is there a batch renamer for changing 13000 files to .m4a? Please help, it would take years …
  2. I assume that all these audiobooks will be under unidentified with their title in the library? What would be the best way to deal with theses? I plan to multiple select (right mouse button) and then go to edit -> Add tag —> Audiobook Letter A etc. Is this even a. Good way? Are there better ways to deal with this?
  3. Is there a way to remove the status “unidentified”? I like the label to check on what has not been processed. But once i checked, I’d like to remove it to “declutter” this labeling.

Thanks for your answers, audiobook friends!

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Mp3tag or any of the similar tools will allow the rename to M4a.
If you search the forum there seem to be different methods people have used, tags, bookmarks.
I would rename a few, import them and try a few different methods to see which suits you.
Personally I wouldn’t bother and just use an audiobook tool.

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If the files are named with relevant details I think there is probably a way to import the name into a tag or 2 too during the renaming process

Could you recommend an audiobook tool (preferably Mac)? Thanks for you reply

Don’t know Mac.

I just Tag all my audiobooks ‘ Audiobooks’ then they are all in one place. Easy. You do need your own data though…
I have MP3 and CD files only. MP4 files from DAB grabs are easily converted.


Win will work as well for me (just a preference, running both). Thanks

Sounds good. All my .m4b are with title and picture. They were created with AudioBookBinder…

Yes, MacOS! Simply use Finder: select all the files and the click on the cog in the toolbar and press rename. The good news is that this works with Search too and you can type ‘m4b’ and select these as a predefined file type.

I use Yate on my MacBook. If your folders and filenames are organised and use a consistent naming convention you could use Yate to batch process all the files and add tags to the M4A file,

Thank you very much. Ah, forgot about the finder (although I just used to rename lots of files for Roon, just never though about the audiobooks - LOL). Thanks for the tip with Yate (I so far use Tagr but will have a look)

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Have you tried to open them in Apple Books?

Sometimes. But the question is how to import them into Roon :slight_smile:

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