How to deal with Box sets

Hi guys, just wondering what the current best practice is to deal with box sets? For example, I have the Cowboy Junkies Nomad Series box set. Each disc has its own album title and cover art. I have put each disc into a separate sub folder with a main folder titled "Nomad Series (Box Set). Roon imports each sub folder as a separate album with the appropriate cover art but all of the album titles is Nomad Series instead of the actual one like . Any advice would be appreciated.

I’ve got similar issues with how Roon is handling box sets.

As far as I can see, I can either import them as individual albums, with their individual covers, or as a box set, but the individual discs will be labelled Disc 1, Disc 2 and so on and the individual covers and titles will be lost.

My own handling of it has been inconsistent: For the Beatles in Mono box set, I took the individual album route, so I have each title as a separate Roon entry. However, for the 5 CD Georgie Fame: The Whole World’s Shaking, I took the Disc 1, Disc 2 route.

It would be nice if Roon allowed to group CDs under a box set, whilst keeping the individual titles and covers, if applicable.

Unless it is possible and I’ve not found the way…

It’s not currently possible, but this has been asked for many times, and Roon Labs is aware of the request. All we know is that Roon Labs is working on a major upgrade to the UI, so perhaps this will be addressed in the future, but as always with them, no timescales or dates have been, or will be, given.


Tags may help a little in the meantime: for box sets which consist of previously released individual albums one can use tags and bookmarks to build a kind of virtual box set browser – if one prefers to ID the box set albums individually. Something like this:

  • As a prerequisite a tag like “Box Sets” and a bookmark for that tag is needed.

  • Add all individual albums from the box set to a tag like “Box Set Title”

  • Afterwards via Tags browser add the “Box Set Title” tag to the “Box Sets” tag.

Box sets are then browsable via the “Box Sets” bookmark.

Note: since tags can’t have individual pictures there’s no original box set cover though.

Just wanted to revive this thread and check if the issue is being worked on (grouping CDs under a box set, whilst keeping the individual titles and covers).

I kept on hold ripping the huge (52 CDs) Miles Davis’ “The Complete Columbia Album Collection”, so I’m looking ffwd to a fix :slight_smile:
Funny it’s exactly the same CD box chosen as example to illustrate the topic in the User Guide :slight_smile:

At present I’d go for tagging each individual album on its own, so to preserve each album cover and associated informative/review text. What I don’t like to loose is the cover and text for the whole collection box.

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