How to delete an orphan artist

Having loaded a large number of tracks I’m in the process of editing the resulting albums and artists that Roon created. Whilst finding art for the artists that have none I came across one that I didn’t recognize but when I click on it Roon says ‘No albums or performances found’. I don’t recall deleting this artist on any album to which it was originally linked in the load but I can’t swear that I didn’t.

How do I delete this orphan artist?

I should add that I have already tried linking it to an album and then deleting it from the album… didn’t work.

Does Settings > Library > clean up library help?

I should have thought of that. It makes sense but unfortunately it didn’t work. Thanks anyway.

Is it possible that this artist is credited as anything else on any albums you have? Like could this artist be credited as a producer on any albums? If you do a search for the artist do any of the albums in your library show up?

Interesting. When I search on the artist Roon finds an album on which he is the main performer (which I didn’t even know I had!). However in the search results he is not shown as an artist only as a composer. If I click on the album he is both a primary artist and the album artist. If I click on the artist from the main album page it brings up his artist page but says it can’t find any recordings.

So some of the links look broken. You can navigate from the album to the artist but the artist can’t link to the albums even though search can find them. I think the composer reference is incorrect. If I look in the list of composers in My Library he is not there and I don’t think he is a composer - the album I have him on is a performance of Bach’s Brandenburg concertos.

Any thoughts? The only thing I can think of is to delete the album he’s on, clean-up the library and then reload the album.

Who is he? Knowing whom we are talking about may open the road for some other clues…

Anthony Newman.

A thought it would be one of those guys wearing many hats at the same time :grinning: He was active as pianist, harpsichordist, organist, conductor and composer / arranger.

There might be some credits hanging around somewhere in his work as composer/ arranger. Still strange his link leads you to nowhere.

I‘d do this now as the next step and see whether this gets you any further.

Ok… this is almost amusing…

I moved the album to a disk location not watched by Roon and cleaned up the library. Anthony Newman duly disappeared as an artist. I checked the metadata on the files… looked fine… and put the album back in the watched folder. The artist reappeared but unfortunately the missing link between the artist and the album was still there… or not there depending how you look at it.

So… I repeated the deletion and cleanup and then edited the metadata on the files so that the Album Artist was Anthony Newmann with 2 n’s and reloaded the album. This time Roon created the artist with 2 n’s and this one had the correct link to the album. I then edited the Roon artist name back to Newman.

Somewhere back in Roon HQ central repository the data on the Anthony Newman artist must have some sort of issue.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: Sometimes things can get a bit tacky…