How to delete Roon tags

Tags entered from within Roon via Tag manager show up as they should with the Album and under the tag button on Album view. When deselecting them from the Album they don’t appear there anymore, or on the Tag (view which makes sense as they’re not used in the library).

However, the tags still exist in the background and can be seen when entering Tag Editor. How can I now delete the various test tags I made that are now cluttering the system?

Anyone? I noticed that these tags even remain in the Roon library after clearing out all Watched Folders and re-adding them.

Hi Chrisiaan,

I’m afraid I don’t know the answer, but we’ll give this thread a bump back to the top and mark it for @jeremiah or @kevin to see if they (or anyone else !) can help.

Hello @Christiaan, the mechanism of deleting tags from the library is simple - unmark all library items (albums/tracks/works/artists/composers) which were marked with this tag and it will disappear from your library.
In your case, there must be a track or an album which is still marked with this tag.

Go to Albums browser > Press on Tag Manager Icon:

Mark the tag you want to delete

Go to details page of an album and check if the album or track is marked with the tag:

If you see the track which is marked with the tag > Select the track > Press on ‘Plus’ button > Press on ‘Manage Tags…’

Unmark the tag > Press ‘Save’

Thanks Vova. I’m pretty sure that the persistent tag wasn’t attached to any material yet still it was visible, but I will check again, then report back.

Kind regards,

Did you check this and was there unattached tags left?

I’m just starting to consider using tags for various purposes but know I’ll want to delete some as I’ll find better/ other ways of doing things.


Sure why don’t I try it myself!

yes it works!