How to delete the folders in the storage?

How to delete the folders that are not needed in the Storage?

Normal computer tools.

What computer tools?

Windows explorer or Mac equivalent.

I don’t know where these folders are?Find them and delete?

Can you restate your original question then please. What folders are you talking about?

I want to delete these folders.

This article shows how to connect to the nucleus storage. Once connected you can browse to the folders and delete.

These music folders were imported from HDD by USB cable.But they are too messy.I want to import these music folders under one folder.

I don’t want to copy music folders into the internal HDD.To read and play from external HDD only.

Take hd off the nucleus and attach it to your pc then delete and recopy.

I got it.Thank you very much.

Remove it from services, storage in roon first.

There are three personal documents.And how to delete the other two personal documents?Only one personal document is remained.