How to differentiate my own audio files and Tidal in library

Hi, I am new and still exploring Roon software via Roon Remote, I find my library (album) is messed with Tidal and my own collection.

The album art without Tidal logo, that’s obviously my own music collection, but album art with Tidal logo can be both my own music and Tidal? How to differentiate them? Any toggle to turn off Tidal or turn on my own library ?

In the “My Albums” view, select “Focus” then scroll to “Storage Locations” and select your local library or Tidal depending on what you want. You’ll get a restricted view to that album source.

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Gotcha, thanks a lot, it’s quite deep inside to search. Hope there will be an icon to choose my own collection and Tidal/Qobuz.

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Roon has many ways of splitting the library for example in Artist View ,you can split it easily go to an artist

You can click Discography then click the “Library Book” icon in the middle on this picture to see just your albums. Click again and the view becomes Tidal + Local . Indeed anywhere you see that icon you can Toggle between Local and ALL

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Cool, thanks so much for the guidance.

You can also make a bookmark for Focus searches for future swift selection. See:

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You can also show duplicates so you will see both Tidal and Qobuz albums in any of the views. Toggle show hidden tracks and albums.

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