How to direct browser audio to roon

I have Windows Server 2012 computer running Roon Bridge to an ASIO DAC and then to my audio system. In the same room I use a Windows 10 laptop with Roon installed. I’d like to be able to output the sound from the laptop’s browser through the Roon Bridge computer, to play Youtube videos and the like through the audio system. I can’t figure out how to do this, although it seems like it ought to be possible. The laptop can see the Roon Bridge computer just fine through Roon.

Any suggestions, or pointers to other threads where this has been solved?

Hi @John_Gallup I think you are asking for Roon to accept input from other audio sources. Roon does not do this at this time.

A Feature Request has already been started for this. I am closing this thread as it is not a support issue and would suggest you make a post supporting this idea in the Feature Request thread.