How to display Roon on my TV

It’s in the display section of settings in Roon, if I remember. Not home at the moment so can’t check. It’s basically the cores IP address and a certain port.

A Google

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I have the URL, thanks. I’m asking is the info presented on the Now Playing screen using the URL, the same info presented on a Chromecast display? By info I mean, song title, lyrics, band, etc

Yes it’s the same.

Thanks for your help. I will try it asap.

My Samsung browser was not able to find anything. Lots of caveats in using their proprietary browser in the eManual with my TV:

Not Java compatible
No file downloads
No Flash
Sites w scrollable windows may show corrupted
No ActiveX
Supports only mp3 vids

Typed the URL into my Android phone, got song title, playing time bar, and artist’s pic, but no lyrics.

Is lyrics selectable somewhere?

You have to set lyrics to display on the zone I think. Mines a Q series TV and browser works fine.

I’m sure I’ll get a Now Showing display to work soon. It’s just an extra perk in Roon, which I consider the most best-est music player service in the world.

Thanks Gipsy,, for the advice I gain in this forum.

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After being unable to get a Roon Now-Playing screen on my old Samsung, I bought a Chromecast.

I thought it was working. I had the Now-Playing screen w lyrics. But, after about 15 minutes my Chromecast decided to revert to it’s Ambient mode, which displays artwork and pictures when it determines the TV is not otherwise in use.

I went in to Chromecast settings and deselected all the Ambient options thinking I had disabled Ambient Mode. I once again brought up Roon Now Playing, but in approx 15 minutes, the Ambient mode feature was back and displaying pictures instead of what’s playing.

How can I shut Off this Ambient mode for good?

I now read setting Chromecast to Stay awake mode will stop the ambiance.

Need to go to Developer Options in Chromecast settings to access the feature.

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