How to display Roon on Samsung Smart TV (Tizen OS)


As as the question implies, is there a way to do it? I can see the display on my “Chrome on Windows 10”, any chance I can get it do the TV?

Thank you.

Here is the Knowledge Base article on using different devices like Chromecase, Apple TV etc. to get it to a display. If the TV has a web browser you can try to do the same thing go to the Web Display URL using the web browser on the TV.

If you have your Roon Core installed on a windows or Mac computer, then you can also use the OS’ screen mirroring options

I set up the ip address of my core as the default address in the web browser built into the tv. When I want to see Roon gui on the tv I just launch the web browser

Easiest I found to use is a google chromecast dongle - it shows up in Roon as a display and I’ve set it so when you start to play a track in Roon it automatically either starts the TV or switches to the chromecast input if you already have the TV on.

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Thanks everyone, looks like Tizen OS brower does not natively support Roon Display.

@Evo1668 yes I agree that would be the way to go.

One problem is if you have a SONOS soundbar on the Samsung TV, Roon will see the soundbar as a SONOS speaker, so it will not be able to be linked with RAAT speakers. I’m going to switch the TV over to using it’s internal speakers and see if that allows me to group it with my RAAT equipment.

If your Sonos soundbar has an optical input, you could use the TV’s optical out to feed the soundbar and use the TV as an endpoint.

Get a Chromecast and plug it into one of your HDMI. It makes your smart TV smarter :slight_smile:

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Or the amazing AppleTV extension app built by a user… if you are an AppleTV owner already. I have a Samsung TV and TVOS.

It was a configuration issue. All solved, just set up your group, choose the display tab, and use Chromecast.

I’m having the same issue. It’s frustrating that Samsung’s (Tizen) built in web browser doesn’t support viewing the Roon “Now Playing” screen. I can see the word “Roon” when I go to the display IP, but that it’s. I’d love for this to work, but it seems ridiculous to buy another device (a Chromecast) just to get Roon Display to work, when all of the other “smart” functions I need work natively via Samsung’s Tizen OS.

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