How to easily view Genre -> Artist -> Albums

Most sane music players let me do something extremely simple: browse my large library by genre → artist → albums.

How do I accomplish that?

Every attempt ends up in an extremely confusing view of albums that has other artists or genres. I cannot find a way to simply list all albums within a given genre/artist, I keep getting bounced around to different genres or different versions of albums.

If Roon had a simple file system view, this would be solved.

Go to My Albums and click on Focus. Now filter on genre and performer. You may bookmark the view you create.

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Unfortunately that’s quite cumbersome; I have to redo this procedure every time I want to browse a different artist. Making it worse, the “Performers” list isn’t even sorted, so it’s basically useless unless I know the exact artist I’m looking for.

Is there a simpler way? If this is it, I’d rather just use different software, as everything I’ve ever used allows me to do this in two clicks.

“Additive” filtering has been a feature request for years . Its even worse in classical. Select Artist then genre say concerto gets you all concertos

2 thingsto try

Go Genre select, then filter funnel artist should work

Albums > Focus on genre then filter Artist

Same sort of approach as already suggested and rejected

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Other issues with the “My Albums → Focus” approach: it shows all performers in a track in the list, so I don’t see my usual list of album artists, but everyone Roon thinks is associated with a track, I’m not even sure it’s using information from the tags but probably from its own database. So now the performers list is polluted with artists I’ve never heard of.

It also shows the same artists twice sometimes.

I don’t see how I can filter funnel after going to Genres… I can click on all artists, but the filter funnel doesn’t allow me to pick artists. If I click on an artists I’m back to the mess of everything lumped together.

Albums → Focus is the original answer by @Martin_Webster which has the issues I mentioned.

I guess Roon just doesn’t have a way to do this. :frowning:


Genre - classical
Sub genre - Concerto
Albums - All Albums
Filter = Brendel

Not ideal but works

I personally Start at Artist ( I have a TAG of my top 20) then discography then filter Concerto etc

The filter for Performers is a jumbled, unsorted mess of random people I’ve never heard of, plus the artists that actually belong because they are in my id3 tags.