How to find back discs based on an specific evaluation?

How to find back discs based on an specific evaluation ?

Suppose I have given one star to discs, how to find back them and only them (not one star and plus) ?

Almost…I can do 1 and 1 and a half…
First focus on ratings of 2+ stars. Invert this. This show all albums with none, 1, and 1 and a half stars. Select all and add to a new tag, call it lessthan2 or something.

Start a new focus on 1+ star rating. This will exclude unrated albums. Now add the new tag to that focus.

Bob’s your uncle.

Bookmark so you can easily rerun the focus at any time.


Thanks you for this good idea !

I understand, however the second step ‘1+ star rating’ does not work or something is not clear for me. Have you tried ?

If I well undesrstand it works for finding back 1*, but cannot be extended for 2*, 3* ?

According to me, Roon should implement operators : =, >, <, <> … like MediaMonkey. Do you agree ?

Nex feature to request or rather existing feature to improve ?

Requested many times. I trust Roon is working on this.

Yes, I tested before posting.

You should see images like the following…
After the first focus, and having created the tag, you need to focus on the tag (and no longer on the rating - you’re going to change the rating focus, and want to keep the lessthan2 focus by using the tag)

Now add the new ratings focus…

To do something similar for, say 3*, you need to create a tag for lessthan4

Then focus on that tag, and then on ratings 3 plus

Does that help?

David, thanks for that.

I am going to ask conformation to Roon they are working on that. According to me, the implementation of operators is not a big effort in the code !!


Thank from France (Paris) !

I am going to test after lunch, it should be ok with you explanations !

In addition, you have learn to me that criterias set in Focus can be invert !!

Hope you understand my ‘’‘English’’’ !

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It works !

However, since tags are ‘static’, if you change the rating of a disc it is needed to redo the proccess in order new rating is taken into account, right ?

Thanks !

If you change the rating of one disc, you only need to alter the tag for that one disc, I.e. remove a lessthan2 tag, or add the tag. Once that is done, the bookmark will automatically adjust.

I’m pleased you have been able to achieve what you wanted but I must admit it is a bit of a bodge.

“you only need to alter the tag for that one disc” : Indeed !

Thanks !

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