How to find classical chamber music albums?

I am trying out the integration with Qobuz and now I try to search for classical chamber music albums.

Before I added Qobuz I just went to BrowseClassical → found one of my chamber music albums and tapped there on the chamber music tag/subgenre. But now, with Qobuz I get from the BrowseClassical so many albums that I can’t easily get to a chamber music one.

What’s a quick way to get to the subgenre Chamber Music when I have Qobuz enabled?

This a whole instruction manual try these 3 for starters

Try the Filter Funnel enter Piano Trio

Or Composition View
Enter Beethoven then Piano Trio

Composer view , select Beethoven, Discography, then filter funnel Piano Trio

Get the idea

Tou may wiah to create a set of Bookmarks for popular pieces eg Piano Trio

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Go to the Genres page, click on “Classical” to go the top-level Classical genre page, then click on the “Chamber Music” in the sub-genres list. Does that help?

Edit: if you’re looking to browse everything in Qobuz, this probably won’t help.


Thanks for chiming in, @joel

When I’m in Classical I have no Subgenre section. I see only:

  • Albums in your library
  • Artists in your library
  • New releases
  • Recommended albums
  • Recommended artists

Do I have to enable the subgenre section somehow?

Could be because you may not have enabled the “Use genres from Roon’s metadata database” setting in Settings > Library > Import settings?

Looks enabled to me:

for me they were hard to come by since they are all the way at the bottom

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Keep going down, it’s the last section but that’s not going to help much , I see 555 albums far too many to browse

Did you try the 3 suggestion above yet ? They will give you finer control and give you an idea how to filter using Roon

To cut down the selection process you may have to more specific than Chamber Music. It’s a bit wide , hence my previous suggestions

If you goto Albums, select Focus you will see Genre Classical, highlight it the tap View More tap you will get the sub genres listed for your library . Ie any Qobuz albums added to your library plus any local

True. I didn’t go far enough down. Now I found it. Thanks. :smile:

Is there a way to customise the order? I have seen somewhere else in Roon a UI to drag and drop the order of things…

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No the home screen is fixed

Perhaps creating a bookmark once you’re in the Chamber Music sub-genre would help you get there more easily in future.

There are some sorts. I have them sorted by number of albums so my favorite sub-genres tend to rise to the top.


I think he was referring to the order on the Home Screen as he missed the genre by not scrolling deep enough

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I always thought roon was using the allmusic genre hierarchy by default. That was always my experience. So unless you deliberately edit your hierarchy so that Chamber Music is also a top-level hierarchy like Classical Music it will never appear on your home screen however much you scroll down.

The reason I know this is that I made the mistake of editing my hierarchy into something more logical using the allmusic hierarchy as a framework. That seemed to help the roon AI and it did marginally improve my radio experience (for certain genres). But from a human usability perspective it has been a complete disaster, LOL. I now have absolutely no idea where genres are in my hierarchy so I have no idea which top-level genre I should start from to drill down. This is why I was surprised it is not currently possible to search by genre which is the simplest usability solution. I understand that genre search will be introduced in an upcoming release.

Exa, that’s what I meant.

Eventhough I didn’t mean customisation on the subgenre level, your suggestion ist great. Thanks!

There still seems to be some confusion here.

The genres on the home screen are a very limited “genres for you” that roon is recommending based on yours and the communities listening habits. I can only see 6 genres (I have hundreds). Many subscribers (including me) are not even going to see a Classical link there, let alone a Chamber Music link.

You need to go to the “Genres” screen to see all your genres. The link is directly below the “Home” screen link. But even there you will only see what roon calls “top level” genres. If you have not been editing your genre hierarchy then Chamber Music by default is a sub-genre of Classical. So you can drill into your library from there. Only at that point are there a couple of sort orders for your sub-genres that may or may not be useful to you.

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I do not know the algorithms for choosing the genres for you from the home page (based on my favourites, or based on what I have been playing, or on my library?). I agree that a intuitive way if editing or saving variants would be welcome

this is what I get:

after 1 day the home page genre changed to this (in between listened to classical chamber music and added about 20 albums from Gondwana Label):

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