How to find these 2 CDs (solved thank you)

I am trying to find these 2 CDs but cannot find them

What are the correct parameters therefore in roon search?

I have tidal and qobuz

Have you checked if they are available in Tidal or Qobuz in their respective apps?


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Hi Ronny

In Qobuz, altiough not thee same album covers, I find the first album Bhrams - Symphonie NO.1 by the Wiener Philharmoniker/Leonard Bernstein on DG


And also in the boxset album:

The 2nd album Beethoven - Symphonie NR. 7 - Wiener Philharmoniker/

Hope this helps

P.S. On DG Streaming Platform STAGE+, only the same albums are available, e.g.

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I couldn’t find those particular releases in Qobuz (I don’t have Tidal). There are (I think) re-issues/repackaging of those performances available.

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Same thing in Tidal. Beethoven directed by Kleiber is found in an album with both symphonies 5 & 7 (from 1995).
Brahms directed by Bernstein, symphonie no 1: not on Deutsche Grammophon.

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In this extremely common case where the streaming suppliers do not have the original recording because of copyright, licencing or its just out of print you are usually better off searching in roon via the Composition editor. Core repertoire like this will usually be on some kind of compilation, box set or reissue. So for example to find the Kleiber Beethoven:


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