How to find unnecessary albums :)


I can see people using Roon with thousends or hundreds of thousands albums. I can’t imagine such collection tbh.
Ok I have all albums of Sade even if I don’t like the last one. I really love Vangelis but I have only 3 albums in my library. The rest is not my cup of tee unfortunately…
What’s more I’m 49 and I have only 40 CDs. I have phisical copy of my favourite albums where favourite means I was listening to it for many years and I like all/almost all tracks.
Now in Roon I have 600 or so albums in my “library” but most was added with one track I really liked.
For my Roon means better organization and I need only albums which deserve to be in my “collection” :slight_smile:
Unfortunately Roon (still!) doesn’t allow to rate tracks or albums. For me hearts are not perfect solution but ok…
Is there any way to find albums which have no liked tracks?
Of course I can add each new album with tag like “future listening” or sth like that but it would be great to keep only albums which are valuable for me eg where art least 3 tracks I like.
I like minimalism and I don’t want to have cd shop in my Roon

You can grade albums easily, and also use these ratings as criteria in Focus.
You sure you cannot use this?

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Ah! You are right. I completely forgot about album rating which is a bit hidden.
But… Hmm… Ok there is st like 1+, 4+ etc.
Nothing like unrated albums.
But focus means focus. But focus contains also “Inspector” but options are a bit strange.
“Has cover” but I can’t focus on albums without cover.
“Most played” but I can’t see “never played”.
I can’t see sth like negation of selected filtering.

You negate the criterion by clicking in its +/- symbol.


I thought I know Roon enough :slight_smile:
Thank you gentlemen!


Hm - but “rating” means not only my rating but also Allmusic(?) - so it’s not perfect. But I hope I will create some rules to avoid keeping unnecessary albums which can gather dust :smiley:

You can override the allmusic rating with your own

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You can also very quickly filter to your favorite albums just by hitting the heart icon in the “my Albums” view (this assumes you have favorited the albums that “deserve” to be in your collection, of course):

You could also make bookmarks of views to get back to them to make it easier.

Is there any option to show only complete albums without Roon allbums created only to add one track to library? Most of my “albums” I suspect contain only one track…

Ok I guess
Albums->Focus->Inspector->Contiguous Tracks
can be helpful

I only add full albums and listen to full albums. It’s a good way to expand your musical horizons. Even my playlists are usually full albums back to back to back such as my Beatles playlist with 15 albums and 216 tracks.

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