How to Focus only on Tidal content


Assuming you’ve added all these to your library from Tidal, and you’re focusing by label. How do you focus just by what you’re added from Tidal, and not other albums you’ve downloaded or ripped that are on the same label?

Focus —> Format —> Tidal

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thanks Carl- now if only there were a way to do this in Tidal, i.e.:

Tidal–>Focus–>Label/Genre, etc…

Initially I search for DG albums on the DG site, then search for them in Tidal or through Roon’s search tool. I then add them to my Roon library and tag them with “Classical DG”, “Classical” “Classical Various Composers” etc. etc. I prefer to have the albums named by composer first, so these are renamed in Roon. Works for me, but everybody’s different!

I’ve also got tags for Tidal MQA & Tidal CD

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having this ability in Tidal (or Qobuz…ducks), really would be like a true drill-down search tool, akin to what Arkivmusic uses, and which can trace its origin all the way back to