How to get control4 to turn on from roon driver?

Can currently get roon to start playing from control4 but can’t do the reverse. Is there a way to do this?

Nothing? Bueller?

I’m an end-user, not a dealer, but I can explain how I solved this problem in my particular setup.

Notably, I use Roon with Sonos. I had to write code in Control4 that turns on Roon in a zone whenever it detects Sonos playing in that zone and if the Sonos track value is “unknown.” It was time-consuming to write the code for every zone in our house, but it works reasonably well. The one thing that still doesn’t work is multi-room playback. If I initiate multi-room playback from Roon, Control4 doesn’t recognize it as such, and I have never been able to find a workaround using C4 code alone.

Obviously, it would be better if the Roon driver took care of all this functionality internally, but it seems that is not going to happen.

The sonos driver in control4 already has this functionality and works fine, The roon zone driver exposes the same thing but doesn’t work.

Oh, I misunderstood your post – missed the fact you were referring to the C4 room control driver. Sorry.

For the record, the issue I had was that if I play music from the Roon app, Control4 doesn’t recognize that Roon is playing. It shows Sonos as the active source, and the metadata is screwed up as a result. The code I mentioned above is a partial workaround to that problem.

Sorry was a typo in the title. I am referring to the roon driver. The Sonos driver already has an option to automatically turn on the room, and via programming you could use that to select roon as the audio source in control4. The Roon driver has events in programming but they don’t work, meaning they don’t pickup that roon is playing in that zone. I’m not using a Sonos endpoint, I’m going directly out of the nucleus into my amp.

Got it, thanks for clarifying. That makes sense. Unfortunately, I have never been able to get the room to turn on when Roon starts up, unless I make use of the Sonos driver for that function via programming.

As far as I know, this is an issue with the Roon driver, but I would love to be proven wrong. I believe I reported it when the new Roon C4 driver was in beta, but that was almost 18 months ago.

Ya, response times to issues are horribly slow.

Anyone? We are forced to use the Nucleus for Control4 integration and pay a very large premium to do so, and yet the support is not in-line at all. Why is there no dealer support channel?

I’ve come here to try asking the same thing. There isn’t anything in the driver to program off of, I just need anything a variable change or anything that gives me that the Roon is active and then that it isn’t so I can program in having Control4 change into Roon for that room but also so I can work something on a matrix scenario.

I guess it would be FAR too much to ask for the Roon app to be able to link to the volume of a Control4 audio system (or in my case an audiocontrol matrix but same principle) .

The main reason for something of this sort is wanting to use the music system to also do TV audio so needing to switch into an audio matrix.

Makes total sense. The Sonos driver does this perfectly and you don’t even have to program it, it’s built in.

The Roon driver appears to be much more elaborate and yet can’t do the basic, yet super important function.

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I am using Bluesound (NAD Ci580) for a bunch of zones in my house. I would have at the least expected that to receive Roon, and then go ahead and push to Control4 that this is what was happening. I have even done this on Control4 systems with Roon before and it works so I think I might have a Bluesound driver issue in addition to a Roon driver limitation.

Short story long, Roon driver should turn on the room in Control4 when Roon powers it on. This does not work. It would work if I turned on a Sonos driver from the Sonos app etc so no reason for the Roon app to not do it.

Roon should also Room Off the room when it is stopped by Roon, which it does not. It leaves the room in a kind of Stop or Pause state. The room is still on, it knows it is not playing anything, but it stays hanging around in the sessions.

Roon should also be able to clear down one zone of a session of zones without stopping the shared feed to all rooms in that group. But I think this is a Roon thing more than anything else. It wants you to remove something from a group of zones rather than STOP that room but other rooms continue. Ideally here the Roon Control4 driver would do an ungroup then stop on a Room Off.

Rant over.