How to get Downloads from Tidal into Roon?

Still a noob here tried to get my first high res FLAC file. How do I get them into Roon. They don’t seem to auto transfer to iTunes…


Hi @LarryMagoo -

It sounds like you’ve purchased music from Tidal and downloaded the FLAC files to your computer? iTunes won’t play FLAC files. I have a lot of music in iTunes, but when I download FLAC files from sites like or Bandcamp, I keep them in a separate folder that Roon watches. You can add folders to Roon in the Storage tab in Settings. Click on the ‘Add Folder’ button.

If I want the track in iTunes so I can put it on my phone, I convert it to ALAC with a program called XLD (sometimes AAC, still not sure if it matters on my phone, probably doesn’t in terms of what I can actually hear) and import it to iTunes.

If you need things broken down any further, or my initial assumption is wrong as far as what this file is, just let me know! Good luck, cheers!

And If you mean Tidal content in general, then you have to favorite this song/album within Tidal, and a reference to the Tidal content is then added to your local Roon library. The album etc. is not stored offline.

Thanks for the reply…I will try that…Tidal’s Customer service does not seem that good for what I have had questions with.

Do not see a real need for Tidal…they cannot even tell you what resolution their FLAC files come in. Does seem to be worth with what they want for them.

HD Tracks and ProStudio Masters will work for my HIGH RES jones…