How to get HiRes audio to Marantz Sr8012 AVR

How do I get HiRes audio to my receiver. I have roon core on an i7 windows machine networked ethernet thru n9000 router and a Marantz SR8012 AV receiver. I know you cant send hi res via airplay so how do i get it to my sr8012 in hi res?

HDMI. HDMI. HDMI. HDMI. (Site won’t let me post just one word.)

My computer is in another room. So do I need to install a roon endpoint near my receiver and run HDMI from that?

I don’t know of any AVR that has multichannel USB input. In fact, very few have multichannel over ethernet or WiFi.

You’re correct. My receiver doesn’t have a usb port. It has HDMI, optical or RCA. From what I understand you’re saying attach a roon ready device via ethernet and then run HDMI, Optical or RCA directly into the receiver. Is that correct?

I want to thank both of you for your help. Any recommendations on a good not to expensive roon ready end point to get?

You are correct. I guess it is one of my bugbears and I made a reflexive response. (Not that anything I said is wrong.)

I use a DigiOne by Allo for COAX into an AMP. Up to 24/196. Sounds great. Get it assembled and it really is plug and play. Immediately shows up as a Roon Endpoint. Dead Simple. I am assuming you don’t need multi-channel.

Hello Mark and welcome to the group. I did not see this mentioned so i will ask. Do you plan to continue running Roon on your computer? Have you considered a dedicated music server? You can build a NUC/Rock setup, locate it close to your receiver and use an HDMI connection for multi-channel and hi-res playback.

I started with Roon on my PC then decided to go the dedicated sever route. The Nuc is in my media closet with the entertainment system and network equipment. The cost was about 800.00 to build mine. Don’t know how much that might have changed since last year.

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I would prefer not to have it on my PC. Great recommendation. Think I’m going to go that way.


Awesome. I’m going to order one now…


I prefer having the dedicated music server vs using my desktop. I have the NUC8I7BEH with an internal Sata SSD for my library, USB SSD for backups and a USB Disc player for ripping. Simple and compact.

With all the equipment located in a media closet the connections are simple. The NUC and all the entertainment system components are wired to the router plus a 8 port switch for the house wiring. For endpoints/zones I have HDMI to my Denon 8500H receiver for multi-channel, USB and Ethernet to an OPPO 205 DAC, desktop with Audioquest Dragonfly Dac in the bedroom and an Elac z3 in the kitchen. It all works well together.

I enjoy reading about the amazing systems the folks on the forum have and wish I could hear them.

Hope yours works out for you.