How to get lyrics published so Roon shows them

I have favorite bands for which lyrics are not shown. For example, in this year’s Best of Prog 2020 on Prog Report, some of the 37 albums have lyrics, some don’t. Almost all the bands are on small labels but some are doing something right, others aren’t.

Also, my favorite bands on Radiant Records (Neal Morse, Transatlantic…) aren’t on any of the streaming services, although their lyrics can be found on

So, is there some instruction/request I can supply to Radiant Records so lyrics will appear in Roon? Is there a service where some guy copies lyrics and posts them into the right place for a few bucks an album?

You can tag your tracks with various tags to get lyrics. Various pieces of software will help with that.

What I do is to find all the lyrics in .lrc format and rename them to the same name of the audio file, and then run a python script to automatically tag all the .lrc files to the audio files. This will be less cumbersome then tagging each file individually. But I really hope Roon could support .lrc natively.

Does anyone know of someone who is offering a service where I can send album titles and they will do the steps described above?

There are a number of software solutions that lookup and add lyrics, if you are interested I will dig out the one I used it was free

I now use my JRiver installation to add lyrics


It was

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I appreciate that I could devote my life to locating, copying, formatting, and tagging a whole lot of albums. (BTW, if I do that do they become available for all other Roon users? I hope so!)

So what does one artist do when they add music to the cloud that results in lyrics appearing in Roon, but another artist does not do? What is the step those artists are missing? (I would actually ping them to ask them to consider it, if it was straightforward.)

This was the essence of my original post. I appreciate all the responses on self-service, but I’m just not THAT motivated…