How to get my music to stop when I sleep

How to get the music to stop when I sleep.

Turn it off before you go to bed… Use a smartplug on the endpoint…

I like to fall asleep to music. It was work in Logitech and I trying to get in Roon

How the heck should Roon know if you’re sleeping or not? :wink:
More seriously: You can install the Alarm Clock extension to program a sleep-timer.


I cant seem to get it to work.
I have a Stroke so bear with me.
I am on a Mac.

How to install the Extension Manager on MacOS:

I can’t provide more help as I don’t use MacOS.

I have a Mac and a NAS. The Synology is my NAS and it is runnig my Roon

Then these instructions might help:

Never mind about the NAS and Roon Core.
Just put a timer on your amp in the bedroom.

Roon may keep playing its little heart out over the wire, but you won’t hear anything.

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Thanks BlackJack. I got the alarm.

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Great to hear that. I hope it works for you.

Just make sure you have sufficient stuff in your Play Queue to cover the time it typically takes you to fall asleep.