How to get out Windows on a NUC to update BIOS and install ROCK

I just bought a NUC in an akasa case in order to run ROCK. Unfortunately the seller installed a windows OS that boots and while doing so it does not react to F2 to update the BIOS as recommended in the ROCK install guide. Do you have an advice for someone who is no computer specialist?

I think it’s because fastboot is enabled. Try this link from Intel: disable fastboot

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It’s F7 to update the BIOS.

But yes F2 should be working to enter BIOS.

Definitely try what @PhiloMelos linked to

Thank you. I just mixed it up. I thought you just have to go to the setup via F2 to update it. F7 worked when hitting it while the NUC started.

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Thank you for the suggestion. It worked when I hit F7 right when I started the NUC, before I could see the screen.

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