How to get Roon (on Mac) to stop quitting when command-q is pressed

I am running Roon Core on a Mac Studio Max. I frequently accidentally shut it down by pressing command-q. I have tried changing the keyboard command for “Quit Roon” in my Mac’s system settings. But although Roon responds to the new quit command, it continues to quit when command-q is pressed. (Other applications, such as safari, do not behave this way.)

It would appear that the command-q shortcut is built into Roon itself. Am I right about this? And does anyone know a workaround for this problem?

Try switching to running Roon Server for your core, and the Roon app as a remote. That way, when you command-q out of Roon, the server will still be running (and can only be quit from the menubar).

The How do I move my library over to RoonServer? How do I run headless? FAQ describes how to do this.


Thanks! I installed RoonServer, and it works well. Completely in the background, and wholly unaffected by what I do at the keyboard.

One more question, though. I want to be able to control the Roon server on the same computer. The instructions you pointed me to warn against letting the Roon app use the same core as the RoonServer, and say that I need to do a fresh install of the Roon app. So here is the question: in order to do a fresh install, do I first need to uninstall the Roon app?

Given that you have renamed the Roon folder in your user library to RoonServer, I wouldn’t have thought you needed to uninstall the Roon app first, but the KB article does suggest that you do so. To be on the safe side, I’d suggest deleting your existing copy of the Roon app and downloading a fresh copy. On first run it will prompt you to select a core, which will already be running as you now have Roon Server running on the same machine.


Thanks so much! I’ve done that, and everything is working perfectly.


I’d also like to thank you. I’ve followed this and have also separated the Server and the remote. Worked perfectly!

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