How to get Roon to "prefer" Qobuz over Tidal?

When I search for an album, Roon (v1.6) picks one to play - and seems to choose the Tidal version even though there is a 24/96 Qobuz version available. I can manually open up the versions, scroll down to the highest bandwidth one and play from there … but can I have Room pick the highest bandwidth automatically? And if there is a Tidal MQA one alongside the non-MQA Qobuz HD one I’d also like it to pick Qobuz.


Something I’d love to understand too :slight_smile:

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Does Roon pick one to play? I thought I picked the version I wanted to play!

The top search result is often times the Tidal Version.
We would like to know if there is an option to “tell” roon to show the highest possible resolution Qobuz as top search result (and not the Tidal version) so you DON’T have to click on Versions and scroll down and manually choose the highest resolution Qobuz version each time.
Can you understand this wish? :roll_eyes:
I’m really puzzled that there is no real answer to this IMHO valid request/wish after 3 months :thinking:

Could it have something to do with the order in which you log into the two services?
I just disabled my Tidal service and synch’ed my Qobuz, then renabled my Tidal service. Then when I added a new album to my library, it added the Qobuz version. Until now, Roon always preferred the Tidal version. But I’ve been a Tidal subscriber for years, and I only started using Qobuz a few months ago.

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The link below is to a discussion about Roon picking a lossy version of a track when there is a lossless version available, in the context of Roon Radio. The answer there probably applies to the question here: Roon Radio will emphasize finding the track that fits the playlist, and track quality is not considered. I got the feeling that we were being told, “you’ll listen to what we pick, and you’ll like it,” but maybe that’s a bit cynical.

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I also prefer Qobuz and only have a low tier on Tidal… but I must scroll through all the Tidal options to reach the Qobuz options. Allowing me to reorder the services would eliminate this.


I would like this option too. I prefer Qobuz but keep Tidal around to fill in the gaps missing from Qobuz.