How to get sound from other sources?

When using ASIO, it’s not possible to get sound from other sources (like youtube, movies) even if you stop playback. However with WASAPI it does work when you stop playback. But I think I prefer ASIO.

Is there a workaround to this?

No, it’s a windows thing. ASIO bypasses the windows audiostack and claims the audio device exclusivly. Close Roon Core and the audio device will be given back to the system again. Alternativly you couĺd try something like Voicemeeter Banana from kvraudio wich is a free windows asio mixer.

ASIO is from way way back and was invented by the firma Steinberg to bypass the windows mixer/resampler in windows versions before windows Vista wich had a lot of latency wich is a very nasty thing for audio recording/monitoring. It also resampled everything to 48kHz wich was needed for the windows mixer to function. Windows never had native ASIO because they would have to pay a license fee to Steinberg for every windows copy out there while only less 0.1% of the customers actually use it. For home playback only there is no advantage for any of the two. All the “special” ASIO drivers are all about low latency not about sound quality per se. Depending on the sitution one will work better then the other, there is no absolute best here.
Why do you prefer ASIO? Wasapi seem to fullfill your needs.

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