How to group my albums downloaded from streaming services

Good day all,

I have quite a few albums that i have downloaded from streaming services (mostly deezer) and i would like to import them to Roon.

I want to identify/tag them with a tag like “Streaming Services” so that i can locate them easily.

My library is quite big and being able to locate them easily is important to me.

Thus being said, what is the best way to import them into Roon and have them tagged or identified eaily?

I am new to Roon, especially in its metadata environment and logic and i would like your assistance to this

Thank you all for your answers!

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One easy way to do it is to sort albums by import date. Select the ones you’ve just imported from the streaming service and use a roon tag.

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Thank you for your answer.

Can the albums be selected all at once or should i do it one by one?

You can multi select then add to a tag.
There is probably a way to do this by changing the meta data on the files but I don’t use that so…