How to Handle Random Songs - Like/Love Tracks Not in Library

Hi all,

I love Roon, but one thing I’m struggling with is how to handle new, random, good songs I come across.

The main reason this requires deeper thought is because you can’t :purple_heart: a track that isn’t in your library. I feel like there are three options for this, none of which are great.

  • Add the track from the album to your library. This is awkward because the entire album shows up in your Albums view, but when you click on it, there’s only the one song you added.
  • Add the entire album to your library. This is awkward because you have no connection with this album and no compelling reason to have the other tracks in your library.
  • Add the track to a separate playlist. This is what I’m currently doing. I have a playlist called “Random Liked”. The problem here is that I still can’t :purple_heart: the tracks or otherwise incorporate them into my library.

I’m wondering what others do in this scenario.

Roon is capable of tracking track play counts for tracks outside of the library, I wonder if it couldn’t also track liked/loved tracks?

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I always add full albums, never individual tracks. Later, I will listen to the album and keep it or delete it. I always add both the highest available resolution in Qobuz and Tidal. If the album does not exist in both Tidal and Qobuz, I tag it “No Match” so I can check later to see if it shows up in the missing service.

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If you search the forum there have been many variations of this post and, as you would expect, many variant answers.
Do whatever suits you as there aren’t any right answers.
For example I add them to the library, tag and bookmark them then I can find and evaluate later.

I actually did try searching but didn’t come across many, so if you know of any prominent ones, feel free to share. A lot of the search terms result in many other unrelated topics.

Similar I think

The library not library conundrum

I am in the same boat as you. There should be a clear separation between adding tracks and adding albums. There is a notable difference.
And if there isn’t a way to do this, then you should have the ability to like a track and not add it to your library,