How to have roon play simultaneously in 2 rooms (diff volumes, however)?

how to have roon play 2 zones simultaneously?
i’m in living room enjoying my kef ls50w…but while
in kitchen wish to have my sonos also play the same song
(but at a lower volume)…is this possible?

here is my setup per screenshot

You can’t group endpoints that don’t use the the same protocol. So Sonos can be grouped with other sonos endpoints, squeezebox the same, as is Chromecast and airplay endpoints and Roon Ready ones (RAAT) with others the same. They all use different tech which Roon has reversed engineered to playback to them but they can’t all be synced as they all have different clock methods.

KEF and Sonos zones are of different group types meaning they cannot be grouped together as a single Zone. Indeed KEF zones are a bespoke integration and not fully RAAT meaning they cannot be grouped.

Grouping can be tricky with the different ecosystems Roon covers.

To group my lounge and kitchen I still use raspberry pi based RAAT zones even though my lounge device can be connected directly now. It’s just a lot more flexible that way but does add extra boxes/wires and some cost - so is a bit more messy but also the most flexible.

Even trickier with Sonos and KEFs - you could add a streamer to your KEFs but not sure if you can (or if it would make sense) on a Sonos.

You could do a ‘poor mans sync’ if they’re separated enough - just make a playlist or select an album and start one, switch zone and start the other! Or use two different Roon controllers to start them both at the same time!!

Thanks guys