How to..HQ Player Embedded on MMM1

Hello all

Looking for guide to do a instal with Linux/Ubuntu LTS to run HQPlayer Embedded . on MMM1…have a license key for that version.
It has to be simple do execute for humans(me) with no experience in Linux commands at all.
And, im not sure…is the Embedded version realeased for Apple silicon?..have some trouble to read Jussis library index



There’s no stable + well supported way to do this.

You may get it working but if things go wrong (and they will !) you will have a hard time getting help.

For Apple Silicon, you need to stick with HQP Desktop for now.

At least until Jussi makes HQP OS for Apple Silicon and then you can use your Embedded license !

Just my advice.

Someone much smarter than me will chime in though

dabassgoesboomboom…Thnks for info
I’ll wait for Jussi’s solution

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