How to identify/link new artists (compilation album)

I’ve got a handful of old single tracks that I previously grouped together in an album called Oldies. The metadata artist for all of them is also “Oldies,” but I want to link them to their actual artist. I’ve created a Compilation album (Oldies by Various Artists), and started going into the individual tracks to edit their Credits. I create a new Credit for the Primary Artist (i.e. Dion & The Belmonts, or The Platters), and it shows up in the album tracklist as “Performed by.” Exactly what I want.

However, when I click on the new link for Dion & The Belmonts or The Platters or whoever, it just takes me to a nearly-blank page with just that one track showing. I was hoping it would know that that’s the same Dion & The Belmonts that exists (I assume) in Roon’s metadata and in Tidal. Is there a way to force that identification or link artists that way?


This has been discussed before.
Adding artist unknown

In short, you have to add an album by The Platters temporarily

Thanks, that works (if a bit annoying).

Ryan, new artists (i.e. new to your library) usually do not link to the rich metadata beyond. I (and I suspect you) think of this as a bug, but it is a long-lived bug.

To prompt a possible linkage, go first to TIDAL and import album(s) for the artists in question. Of course, make sure you’re using the exact spelling and punctuation as TIDAL.

There is always the possibility, though, that some artists just may not have anything to link to, particularly newer talent. But yours all should link.


I’m a new user to Roon taking a trial at the moment. I have large collection of electronic music, Ibiza centric and funk CDs. Most are compilations and my first test of an import showed the artists on the album as various artists. Many of the artists on my CDs won’t have their own albums. Shazam can recognise the songs artists. Would I have to edit every track to add artists names? That’s just unfeasible for me with time constraints.
Also, I’m thinking of getting a CD ripper would this work hand in hand with Roon?