How to Improve Internet Performance (For Dummies)? [SOLVED]

Core: iMac
Control: iPad
Output: iPod

It looks like my internet performance is not good enough to run Roon. Tidal on its own runs fine, but when I use Roon Remote on the same iPod Touch I have connectivity issues which leads to it disconnecting from the Core or stopping in the middle of a song and skipping to the next one.

I understand a way to improve performance is to connect the Core (in my case an iMac) to the router via Ethernet cable. My problem is the router is at the top of the stairs, and my iMac is in a downstairs room so this solution is unavailable to me. (I’m currently at my parents’ house, so not at liberty to change things around much.)

Is there any other (inexpensive, simple) way I can improve performance and keep using Roon?

There are a couple of things you can do, cheapest first.

  1. Buy power line adapters that send ethernet over the house wiring. Plug one in near the router and one near the roon server and plug Ethernet cables into each.
    Plus point, cheap. Minus, not guaranteed to work.
    Overall, might be worth a go.

  2. Buy a mesh wireless set. Again one near the router one near the server and plug in.
    Plus point, more chance of working. Minus, costs more.
    Overall if cost in your price range then the better option

There are other things like WiFi extenders but I see many problems with them and roon on the forum.

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Hi @Chris_I,

I’d recommend taking a look at our Networking Guide – You can find some good recommendations there for various setups and we also go over a few specific things that we recommend against.

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From the sound of this, its not your internet speed thats at fault, but your router. Perhaps it doesn’t support the newer (faster) wifi speeds, perhaps its not able to keep up with 2 data streams at once. If its more than 24 months old, I’d replace it. If thats not possible as its provider provided, buy a new (quality) wireless router and use your existing one in “bridge mode”.

You can’t beat a cable, which is what Roon recommends for the core > router connection, but a newish router is able to stream Tidal to Roon to an end point wirelessly without dropping over wifi.

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Home plugs here. Work really well in my situation.

Hi Gary, what’s a home plug?

Thanks Mike - any routers in particular you’d recommend?

Getting a new router is not always possible if your current ISP one is a modem as well. It only possible to change router if you have just an isp modem or of the router has an option to use it purely as a modem I would check this first before making any rash decisions.

Power line adaptor. Ethernet over the mains. People will say it introduces hash into the system but it’s never tainted my microwave food.

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If your in temporary accommodation, then geds, first suggestion of powerline adaptors is a best solution as long as they work. They work by sending ethernet info over mains. You plug them into mains plug at one end near router and connect a cable to it from the router. Then the other end near the core you have another one and cable from this goes to Roon core.

Caveat is it’s a bit crappy tech, that may or may not work, can put a lot of RF out and interfere with sensitive equipment, when I had them they caused clicking on my phono stage. But may work ok.

Adding a better WiFi solution is generally the best option such as a mesh system but it’s more expensive

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First you need to establish if you’re tied to your providers offering. I would speak with them first.



I used a BT WiFi Range Extender in my room where the Control and Output were and so far it’s working beautifully - both playing Tidal content and the files stored on my Core. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

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I’ve had consistent connectivity issues when streaming either using Tidel or Qobuz; both the hi-rez versions. I use a netgear extender which is about 30 feet or so from my Roon core which an older Macbook Pro. The extender worked well for the TV which is in the same location, but not for streaming. Why? Very frustrating. So I logged into my router settings and lo and behold I got a message telling me my router needed a firmware update. Downloaded the update (specific to OS) and installed it
on my router. So far, that seems to have fixed my “dropping” of my WiFi connection and interrupting my streaming experience. Pretty basic I know, but I never thought of doing this as all my other devices, TV and Macs seemed to work fine.

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