How to install 1.8 (build 1151)? [SOLVED]

I cannot see ist and it does not show in updates?

Are you sure your currently on the legacy build and not just the last 1.8 release version as they are different versions legacy has to be installed manually to start with then should pick up all newer versions of legacy. If you are then try rebooting your core to see if it triggers it.

I got the update information via email

Therefore i thought, it is suitable for my system.

Otherwise, why do i get this information via email

Because your still on 1.8 I guess. If you don’t want to update to 2.0 due to ARC or it’s need for online all the time then stay with 1.8 then you need to be on legacy as that is the only 1.8 branch that will be supported going forward. It won’t receive any new features just bug fixes. If you just have not updated to 2.0 it will continuously bug you to do so.

Did you possibly subscribe to the #roon:software-release-notes category of the forum?

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Correct - this might be the reason

I have roon 2.0 1148

I just looked at the build and 1151 is higer than 1148

Sorry - SOLVED

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