How to install roon extension

windows 10, core=server,

how to install roon extensions I use the installer on github but get error. I tried 32 bit and 64 bit, no luck I installed in administrator mode and the installations is completed. But no extensions in roon. Still confused how to add extensions.
Still get error :
Starting service…
roon-extension-manager: Unexpected status SERVICE_PAUSED in response to START control.

IMO, Roon extensions are not not quite as easy as they should be. I broke down and installed dietpi (with roon bridge + extension options checked) on a raspberry pi based endpoint. An “extension” is then installed from within the Roon remote application: Settings > extensions. If it’s not working right, they’ll be nothing there to select. Good luck.

It is to difficult to setup an extension. The only thing I want is cd player extension

Have you ever read the thread about this extension?

As it seems you missed it:

Note: This is a Docker based extension, it requires a Docker for Linux installation in order to run.

It is usually easy to install the dockerized version of the Roon Extension Manager on a system that meets the requirements to run the CD Player extension:

I was trying all afternoon now it seems that it uses docker and so only linux, I use win10 maybe that is the problem. So even when I get te manager get to work the cd player will not work. Thx for the information.

I installed docker in windows. I installed cd player. But nothing is showing up in Roon But docker is running and the roon extension manager.

Hi @Reinier_de_Bruijn,

I got a similar report about the Extension Manager not being listed after installation on Windows. Can you perform the checks I described here?

Also, are there errors reported in the log file located at:


Unfortunately running a Linux container under Docker for Windows doesn’t work in combination with Roon due to limitations in the networking (same subnet etc).

I stop trying it is not user friendly.