How to list out responses to my posts?

There has been a change to the way the community site works. Probably several weeks ago now. I
can see a number on my avatar indicating there have been responses to my posts but I have absolutely no idea how to list them out or respond. How is that done? The changes are not at all obvious or intuitive to me.

All I do is click on the icon in the upper right corner (yours would have a number on it?) and I get a drop down of all activity:

The screen shot above does not have any “unread” items…

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@Tony_Casey Hi Tony Easiest way is to do a bit of exploring. Start by clicking your Avatar at the top right near the search and three lines. Clicking the following gives you links to:
The Bell is All Notifications
The back arrow is Replies
The heart is likes
The envelope is personal messages
The bookmark is your bookmarks
The four squares are any other notifications
The person is your profile
If you want to get more in depth about everything then click the profile again and you will be able to see everything you have ever done, received etc etc.
Good luck…

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I’ve done that dozens of times. I just don’t get any usable results. I cannot see anything there related to recent posts. Just a meaningless random mashup of responses to old posts and a bunch of even more meaningless badges. I really cannot make any sense of it at all.

I cannot see your post for example when I click on my avatar:

The only reason i was able to respond was that I left this post open and saw your response attached to it. Otherwise I have absolutely no idea how to navigate this new version of the community site.

Hey Tony You are on the right track… Now just click on the icons underneath which are summarized in my post above. The little blue circle indicates that you have items to be reviewed…

And if you click the bottom icon (head & shoulders) you will get the full version of everything you have ever done. Just have to explore. Hopefully all goes well with it. Cheers

Like this:

I still do not know what you mean. Of course I have clicked on all those icons dozens of times but I do not understand the output. That is why I am reduced to posting.

Can anyone map the icons of the new layout to the old layout? I clearly cannot make any sense of this one. Or better, is this user configurable? Can I select a layout I understand somewhere in preferences?

Have a read of the “Catch up whenever you want with the new Notifications menu!” section of this post in the Discourse blog.

The unread replies to your posts (and other notifications) are in the post threads that get highlighted in that drop down list of items under your avatar.

I still cannot follow. What do you mean exactly? What exactly should I click on? Intuitively I just click on my avatar as three posters have suggested already. Is that what you mean? I feel like I am going around in circles. What use is the output? What am I supposed to do with it? What are others seeing that I do not. This is what I see

It is just a bunch of unread “badge” and “link” notifications going back probably 6 years at this stage. There are probably hundreds. I cannot see a way of scrolling down the notifications to see any recent responses to my posts. I cannot see your response in that list of notifications nor can I see a link to this thread I have created. The minute I leave this thread to read something else I will have no idea how to find it again or respond to any replies.

Is there a way of ordering the notifications so that post replies rise to the top? I obviously have no interest in the notifications I can see as I have never clicked on them. I don’t remember having these issues with the previous version of roon.

That list tells me that you have 4 unread replies to your posts, 130 likes on your posts, and 9 “other” notifications.

To just see your posts with unread replies, click on the replies icon (with the number 4 on it), and only these posts will be displayed in the list. Click on one of the posts to go to that thread, and the unread reply will be displayed.

You can dismiss your unwanted notifications by clicking on the relevant icon (e.g. the “Likes” icon) to display only that list of notifications and then clicking on “Dismiss”.

Ok, Thanks I can see what the problem is.

All those side icons are limited to 10 links and I cannot scroll down. In the equivalent navigation system in the old discourse I must have been able to scroll past 10 posts to get to a thread I was interested in. I cannot see how to do that anymore. I also cannot see any obvious way of navigating back to threads that are outside this 10 thread cut-off. Is there another navigation button similar to the second one with “four” unread replies where I can scroll past the last 10 responses as before? I think this is what I am looking for.

Erm - click on the ▽ at the bottom of the short list, and you get the complete page…

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