How to make Roon at sound device in Windows 10

How to make Roon at sound device in Windows 10?

I want to listen to music from the internet through Roon is it possible, and how to do it?

Roon can link to your Tidal or Qobuz streaming service. Go to Settings\Services and sign in.

Roon can also stream many Radio stations from the internet. Go to “Live Radio” or search for a station and see if it is in the database, if not you can request it to be added in the Live Radio section of the Forums. You can also add the stations to “My Live Radio”.

Hope this helps.

Hi, thanks, i know that
I aim is to hear other things like youtube for example and all kind of recirdings which can be found in diffrent sites
I understand that jriver support that and i want to know if its also available in roon

Hi @ilan_vaksilan,

Roon doesn’t this this, though a few people have used 3rd party software to direct external audio to a “local” internet radio streamer that Roon’s radio feature can access.

Checkout the #tinkering section for discussion on that.

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