How to merge albums from Search Results? [Answered]


I have an album of various artists called “Cambodian Rocks.” I needed to reimport one of the songs because of a dropout error. I did this in iTunes (Roon watches my iTunes music folder). All tagging is correct and the album shows as it should in iTunes, with the new song mixed in with the already existing songs. When I search for “Cambodian Rocks” in Roon, I see the album listed once under “Top Result” and once under “Albums.” If I click on the one under “Top Result” the album shows all the songs minus the one I reimported. When I click on the one under “Albums” it shows only the newly imported song. Since I can only right click on the one under albums, I cannot merge the two. Is there another way to deal with this?


You should be able to find them both in the album browser, and then follow these instructions:

If you’re having trouble finding both albums, you can also visit each album and tag them bot. Then, choose that tag at the top of the album browser.

Thanks. That worked.

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