How to migrate from Tidal to Qobuz without lost the play counts, favorites and playlists?

I have a membership with Tidal, but after a trial month with qobuz I decided to unsubscribe from Tidal. I’m Lucky, I found on Qobuz 90 % of my Tidal Library. But how keep my play counts album, my favorites and playlists with my new Qobuz library?
“group alternate version” in the configuration of albums don’t merge this data

You can do most of it with Soundiiz. Check it out.

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yes, I know Soundiiz. He work fine with playlists but he can’t do nothing for Roon play counts and favorites

Maybe the Roon support people can help.

I don’t think you can. From the program’s perspective they are two separate albums.

If you want to make this a future Feature Request then this is the section for the post. If you want support to give you a direct answer, then I’ll move this to the Support Section and flag them for you.

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Rugby, I want to make this a future Feature Request. Fingers crossed :pray:

For example this is a Tidal Album with favorites and play count added the 10/07

And the same album from Qobuz without favorites but other play count (Roon Radio no doubts) Added Today

The day I’ll stop TIdal, I also “lose” favorites and play count. I know these informations is alway in database but is not available for me

I just tried to Batch move Tidal to Qobuz with Soundiiz. I must be missing something in the Soundiiz interface. After the batch was done, there’s no report of what’s missing, no count at all. Just a long list of found/not found. Without counting, scrolling, counting, scrolling, etc… I don’t see an statistics. There’s clearly a lot of albums missing in Qobuz but I am not willing to sit here and count them all.

Does anyone know how to get meaningful info out of Soundiiz?

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Take a look at this. I think you got all there is right now.

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You can do it easily with MusConv Tool