How to migrate music data? [resolved]

I’m migrating from my iMac to a NUC with an internal SATA SSD. I copied all my music files directly to the SSD with the same sub folder structure. After restoring my backup ROCK starts importing all music files again. If this will break my manual identifications (the ROCK is still analysing) how can I migrate without reimporting all audio files?

Maybe it’s the different path that let ROCK force reimporting, but I can’t reconstruct the original path as it begins with “Macintosh HD”. And in the folder selector I can’t add a specific folder from my internal storage. I just see external drives there.

Thanks @danny, but it doesn’t work. When I disable the Music folder on my ROCK/NUC and try to add a new location I can’t select any folder/drive. The selector is completely empty.

  1. backup old db
  2. restore on nucleus
  3. disable the storage location
  4. go to the web interface and stop roonserver
  5. copy your music to \ROCK\Data\Storage\InternalStorage
  6. start roonserver
  7. enable the storage location

It will do craziness for a bit, and then all settle down.

if you do the stuff in the above order, you will never even be able to see the ‘choose music folder’ since your roonserver will be off.

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Thanks for the detailed steps. My music is already on the internal storage (copying via LAN takes to long). So I disabled the location and now I’m restoring the backup and will then renable the location after restarting ROCK. Will this work?

Disabling the default Music Folder before restoring the backup brought my old location to the locations. Before that I only saw the Music Folder. But I still can’t change my old location to a new folder. It’s on the InternalStorage which the selector doesn’t show. :frowning:

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Internal storage on the nuc and rock needs to be formatted on the rock. Usb storage does not. So you can’t copy to the Sata ssd and then install into the nuc. You can only copy via lan to the share after formatting via the rock web interface as I understand it

I have formatted the disk with ROCK pulled it out of the NUC and copied the files onto the Drive. ROCK does see the files, as it is importing them.

Thats one way to do it for the first large copy I guess (if its working great)…but I assume you will copy future files via the Lan share as removing the drive for this each time would not be practical.

ok, if you are copying music that way, do this:

  1. disable all storage locations on old roon
  2. back up roon db
  3. restore on ROCK
  4. enable music folder on nucleus

Thanks for helping. That doesn’t work either. ROCK is re-importing all songs. :frowning:

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EDIT: It seems that ROCK does not re-analyze all files anymore. My tags and likes seem to work also. Phew :smiley: