How To Move Currently Playing Music to Another Room's Speakers

Relevant configuration:
Living Room: KEF LS50W
Family Room: Naim Mu-so Qb
Bedroom: Sonos Play One
These speakers can’t be placed in a group zone together because none of them are the same
type according to Roon.
Roon is running on a music server using Windows that wirelessly connects to the speakers.

Roon doesn’t seem to have any documented way to move the currently playing queue from one different endpoint to another.

This seems to be a pretty basic requirement, so I hope there’s reasonably simple way to accomplish this and that I’ve just missed something. It’s not necessary for the transfer of music to be seamless, just that the same queue starts playing in the other room at approximately the same spot.

Anyone have any ideas that don’t involve a lot of steps in Roon, buying new speakers, or buying and configuring transport intermediaries as bridges? If not, I may have found the serious flaw that will make me look at Roon alternatives.

Thanks in advance for your wisdom and any suggestions.

Transfer zone does not work for you? Right click on the current zone / device you are using and select the function…

or click on Volume and then arrows

Thank you very much, Jakub and Larry. Transfer Zones does exactly what I want.

Your help is a great example of why the Roon forums are so valuable, especially given the limited amount of documentation from Roon and it’s not too sophisticated site search. In general, I always try to RTFM before using other people’s time on a software forum, but where Roon is concerned that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the best strategy.

No worries. This is actually documented in the user guide but yeah, sometimes it’s difficult to select the right keywords to get what you’re searching for…

If you can get an answer (viable, accurate and proven to work) in less than 7 minutes (and then an alternate viable, accurate and proven response 3 minutes after that for anything else you buy in life, or from other forum topic groups…well, your in the right places with the right people. Because it is harder to find than it used to be.

I often find myself laughing at some forum complaints and wonder why those complaining rarely acknowledge and account for the community side and value from a Brand or Corporate Product and not weigh that against their complaint. Would tend to lower the “significance” of those complaints.

I am not stating that you are complaining, but rather just emphasizing how great this community is due to how much they care about the Brand and Product, and they help ensure that others can have that same enjoyment and passion!

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I still feel that switching or joining zones is not intuitive. If one zone plays music, the natural thing would be, to click on another zone and it would play the same music. However, just clicking on another zone will restart whatever that zone played a week ago. Feels strange.

That would not work for users who want to play different music in different zones.

Hmm not sure about that. How would I stop or pause music that’s playing in another room without transferring zones?

It all depends wether your default mode is „I take my music with me“, or „each room it‘s own music“.

What happens if somebody else is listening in the other room and you accidentally select that zone. You get a very upset other person. To transfer music to another zone needs to have an option to do so.

Nevertheless, I use this very effectively when my 17 year old nephew comes to stay and hasn’t joined us for breakfast despite solemn promises. A ‘wake up little Suzie’ at the appropriate volume tends to do the trick. :grinning: