How to move downloaded files from iPad to ROCK storage

I have been using ROCK on a custom PC for 2 or 3 years works well.
My father has been having trouble with Windows 10 and I am switching him to ROCK. Issue, He only has iPads and audio PC with Windows is going away so I do not know how to allow him to add new files to his storage.

In an attempt to learn, I downloaded a Audio file on my iPad & tried to move it from my iPad download file to the ROCK Storage file. I get errors

" The operation cant be completed. OSStatus error 100093"

Looking this up did not help at all.

  1. I can move files from my Windows laptop to the storage file.
  2. I made sure the security was allowing full control.
  3. The file name shows up in storage before the error, however is is 0kb.

Any help would be appreciated. I am not an Apple user, Only reason I have an iPad is for the Roon remote app.

Keep the audio PC with Windows to use as a Client to the new core. And to easily down load and upload to the new core.

While I can appreciate that response, he has a high end pc case, power supply, mother board & processor. We are only swapping out 2.5" SSD’s to make it work.

Is that a hint that moving files from iPad to ROCK is not possible?


I’m afraid I can’t help on the moving files from an iPad issue (except to say the SMB network file sharing protocol can be tricky sometimes).

But if you haven’t already, have a think through how to back up your media storage.

My Rock is a copy of files held elsewhere mainly for this reason.

No. It probably is, but, I don’t use apple stuff so can’t advise directly. However, I can do it via my a droid tablet, using a file manager.

That said, I’d rather do it via a computer.

Explains it here for iOS

Thanks for the response, This is how I was moving the files. Very easy except, it does not move the content, only the file name - 0kb. Can any one help with this? Seams so easy, yet does not work. Image is of the rock folder with my 10tb of music that does work, my thumb drive for back up, and the new 2L file with 0kb.

Thanks again, Ed