How to move Roon core and music from NAS to Nucleus+ SSD?

I installed a SSD on my Nucleus+ and I’m trying to move some of my music files, the music database, and the Roon core (I think…?) to it from a NAS which I have been using up to now. I want to continue using the NAS for some of my music files, but most of them will be on the SSD in the Nucleus+. The database and Roon core should go onto the SSD (right?)

  1. I backed up the database and tried to reinstall it on the SSD, but I think I’m just putting it back onto my NAS.

  2. And when I follow these instructions (adding PLUS after NUCLEUS):

Copying Music to the Drive

You can copy music to this drive by visiting the network share:

From a Windows PC


It leads me here:

Index of \nucleusplus\Data\

[parent directory]

Name Size Date Modified
Codecs/ 8/20/18, 9:11:02 AM
MachineSettings/ 8/20/18, 9:11:02 AM
RAATServer/ 8/20/18, 9:11:09 AM
RoonGoer/ 8/20/18, 9:11:08 AM
RoonOS/ 8/20/18, 9:11:03 AM
RoonServer/ 1/2/20, 5:03:55 PM
Storage/ 1/2/20, 4:24:56 PM
README.txt 374 B 1/2/20, 4:12:17 PM

But when I go to “Index of \nucleusplus\Data\Storage\InternalStorage” I’m stuck, I have no idea how to move music there.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Kenneth!

Just to be clear, the Nucleus+ came with a drive for the OS, and you have added a 2nd drive to hold music.

When you install a second drive for storage in the Nucleus, you have to go to the Nucleus web page and format the drive for use first. Afterwards, it should then show up in the location you’ve been looking,

Yes, I added a SSD drive to my Nucleus+; I did format the drive via the Nucleus web page. And I think I’ve figured out the answer to my question: all I need to do is open the folder for the SSD drive via Windows Explorer, and drag and drop files there. Roon will figure out where the files have been moved, right?

Unmount the Nas storage in roon before you do the copy then mount the nucleus storage in roon and it will go look.

Ok, thank you, I am giving it a try.

I have also just bought a Nucleus, what size SSD did you buy? I’m told the newer version (2019) of the Nucleus takes a bigger SSD drive?

I am using a 4tb SSD – I think that’s the largest available at this point.

If you care, an external 4tb usb drive will work just as well and be a whole lot cheaper. Not only that, you can load it from a different computer and move it to the Nucleus. Otherwise, you will be copying all your content across the network to populate the internal drive.

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Sorry Kenneth, I meant the thickness of the drive. Previous models were 7-9mm thick, I read somewhere that the latest version is 15mm?

I’m sorry, I don’t know, but I don’t think so – the drive I got, a Samsung 860 EVO 4TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD seems to fit pretty snugly, and I don’t think it’s 15mm. I bought my Nucleus+ more than a year ago, so maybe they’ve expanded it physically, but I don’t know.

The thickness figures refer to the dimensions of the drive bay in the Nucleus products. The first Nucleus design could accommodate drives up to 9mm thick, whilst the revised Nucleus design can take drives up to 15mm thick.

This translates to saying that for the original Nucleus, if you wanted more than 2TB internal storage, then you had to use (the more expensive) SSD, as HDDs that are greater than 2TB in capacity are more than 9mm thick. With the increased space in the revised Nucleus, you can use HDDs and achieve a higher storage capacity more cheaply

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Thanks for that info Geoff. :+1:

I’ve just spent the last few days ‘Roon-less’, whilst I amalgamated my music library on two separate drives (a 3TB USB HDD & a 1TB internal SSD) onto a 4TB internal SSD in my Nucleus.
After much faffing and waiting, it’s done! It’s a hell of a lot quicker than playing files from my old HDD, especially after the HDD had gone to sleep.
It’s great to have Roon back again, after FOUR DAYS of transferring!