How to move selected songs from NAS to internal storage of Nucleus+

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iMac 2009
Qobuz service

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DCS Bartok.

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Description of Issue

I have a lot of songs on my NAS, more then 450.000
I have a Qobuz service.
I have many songs that are not available on Qobuz.
I want move those songs (only the non Qoboz songs) on internal storage of Nucleus.

So I could have all my library on Nucleus without having the NAS switched on.

I am going to install an 8TB SSD on Nucleus.

How can I do it without having to mess my library?

From now on I would want use the NAS just as backup.

Not sure what you mean by “mess my Library”, but Roon will need to identify the tracks when you move them to a new location. It does say in the migration article below that Roon will “match them to your existing Roon library”, so it may not take as long as the first time it identified the files.

See this article under the “internal storage” section:

If you did not see them these might be helpful:

Hi BearNFN, I had already read what you suggested.
However it doesn’t help.

I need to move only a part of the files, and that part is selected by Roon itself.

So if I do as below:

“ 1. Go to Settings > Storage and disable all current watched folders except Internal Storage. To do this, select the 3 dots next to the storage location and then choose Disable.”

Is impossibile to do what I needed

I thought you wanted to move the music files from your NAS to the Nucleus internal storage.
Am I missing something?

You would move the files using your Mac file management (Finder? I believe, I am not a MAC user).
You would need to Copy them from the NAS and drop them into the Nucleus internal storage.

What I did in Windows is map the internal storage drive and then just dragged and dropped all the files to the NUC/Rock I am using (it is the same procedure for Nucleus).

You are missing this:

I have to move only the Non Qobuz songs.
I can select the Non Qobuz songs only using Roon itself.

You can not use Roon to move the files. The way to move the files will be with your mac file manager (finder?)

You will need to get acces to the storage location on your NAS and on the Nucleus from your Mac so that you can move the files to the Nucleus internal storage. After you have installed and formatted the drive it will show up and be available.

OR, you can install the new drive, then disable all storage location EXCEPT the internal storage (the new drive you just installed and formatted), and then you can drag and drop the files into Roon.

Either way you WILL need to disable the current stotage location in Roon for the new location to be your primary location.

You can use the Export function to move files, or , really copy them.

Yeah, but that’s not really moving them now is it. It’s creating another location to copy the files from. You still need to get the storage locations switched and get them onto the right drive/directory.

I’m not sure that is his goal. He won’t really be able to maintain his current library metadata anyway given what he wants to do. It’s more like a start new. Copy only the local files he wants to the new location, then, get rid of the old location.

If its partial or all he can still, disable the old location and then copy from the NAS to the Nucleus. You don’t delete the old location until you are done and happy with what you have moved.

But, I can see where creating a list in Roon of what you want to move and then exporting it to a temporary location before then moving it to the new storage location on the Nucleus could be useful. Especially if you already have a “favorites” or “bookmark” of what you want.
The issue I see is that this requires two, very very slow, over-the-network, transfers of potentially, a very large amount of data.

If instead, you got access to the NAS storage location, selected what you want to move, and then just directly copied it to the Nucleus. It would be only one transfer of a potentially large amount of data over the network.

I think the point is that he does not want everything. He only wants to copy specific things over. There are other ways to approach it. You could make the filter in Roon export it to excel and then generate a script to copy the specific items.

Or, you could copy it all and then use Roon to delete everything you don’t want.

So, I have not used excel export, how would that help? What do you do with the excel is that where the script comes in?

Seems to me it would be easier to just go through the NAS and copy over what you want, of course I only have 479 local albums(7221 tracks)… :slight_smile:

You would use the excel file to build a batch file to copy.

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The point is he doesn’t know what he wants moved, he wants roon to filter and give a list of non streaming files out of 450000 so it can’t be a manual task.

Yes Ged that’s the point!
And in Roon’s filters there isn’t even a specific filter for Qobuz songs.
Just a filter for identified songs and a filter for location.

Hi Rugby at the end I think I will end with a solution similar as this below:

copy it all and then use Roon to delete everything you don’t want.

Similar because on the NAS I have almost 12TB of songs and on Nucleus’s SSD there is 8TB space available.
So I also have to split in more tranche the transfer.
One tranche, add the Qobuz songs delete the relative file and so on.

I think it will be a very very long heck of a job.
But, at the moment, I don’t see any other solutions.

Hi bearFNF, yes with 7221 tracks it’s whole another story!

Roon’s Focus by Location includes options for:

  • Watched Local folder(s)
  • Tidal
  • Qobuz

You can use this to view / identify just the streamed contact in your library.
Then select all the albums and use Roon export to XL feature to generate a list.
This list could then used in a script to remove (move would be safer) the corresponding local versions.

You would have to develop the script yourself of course.

Hi Carl thanks for your advice.
However the Quboz location in Focus, for what I have to do, is usless.
That is because of:

In Qobuz location I find only the streaming songs that I have previous added in my library

In others location (such as directory on my Nas) I find all the others 450.000 songs. And every song or album could be available on Qobuz as well. Therefore with that filter I am where I was at the beginning.

My problem is to find out how can I select solely the songs not available on Qobuz.

For the moment I don’t see any way to do it.

There isn’t any way of doing it.
You can find you local tracks or your qobuz tracks but not a local track that isn’t on qobuz.