How to obtain NUC information?

I have a NUC with ROCK installed. I’d like to discover the system information (RAM size, Drive size, HDD or SSD, etc.). But I know nothing about Linux / Unix (underlying form of ROCK?). Where can I go to find out how to detect the system info?

Thanks - Glenn Young

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Open up the case, sadly.

You can tell the size of the internal storage from the ROCK web page, but that is it.

@Glenn_Young , the NUC will have an SSD (I don’t know of any older models that may have used a HDD). You can go to http : // rock (<- you might need to add “.local” to that URL) and see the SSD size, which I highlighted on mine. Everything else is “top secret”, but we’re hoping that will change with RoonOS 2.0.

One way to get this Info without opening it up would be to hook up a monitor and keyboard and go into the BIOS. Hit F2 while booting to get to the Bios BTW.