How to play All Tracks from search results?

Hello all, I’m new to Roon and love it so far. But one annoying thing (probably user error!) is when I try to play all tracks by any particular artist, Roon only plays songs from albums.

For example, I have about 20 songs with Emmylou Harris singing on them. When I search for her in Roon, all 20 songs show up. But I see no “play all” button anywhere on the search results page.

So, I select Artist: Emmylou Harris and click “Play Now”. It doesn’t play any of those songs. It starts playing songs from a John Denver album (yes she appears on one of those songs), but I wasn’t intending on playing the other John Denver songs.

Any advice on how to play all the “Search Results” tracks?

Thanks much!


Welcome Michael,

Right click on the top track in the list and the last while holding shift key or choose select all. Play Now will ‘appear’.

If you want to play all tracks of 1 artist, exclusively in your library, you can do so following this process:

Look for the artist, i.e. Emmylou Harris

Click on (Top Resullt) ARTIST Emmylou Harris

On the resulting page, you will find all the Main Albums in your Library (just below top tracks)
Instead of clicking View All Albums at the top right there, click View All Tracks

You will see the expanded list of all tracks for that artist in your library.
Click right (or hold on touchscreen) 1 track to select it.

Now click on the little down arrow, and then Select All to select all tracks

Click ‘Play Now’ to play all selected tracks

That’s it.

If you however would like to discovce and play tracks available inside and outside your library (if subscribed to either Qobuz or Tidal) , on the Top Artist Page, you can just click Play Now under the Artist’s name.

This will play randomly tracks from this artist, or where the artist in one way or another , has participated.
This is the behaviour you are experiencing now.


yikes that was easy! Thank you, Larry.

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