How to play directly to Heos 3 speaker

New user here, first up, I love roon ( currently in free trial) my only gripe, is that i cannot play directly to my Heos 3 speaker. It isn’t airplay compatible, but players such as mconnect will play directly to it and using the higher bit streams and sample rates. Am i missing something simple, or do I need to get a different speaker (I have been eyeing up a few and this may give me the nudge i need)

Heos isn’t roon compatible.

Thank you for the clarification. Sorry probably a very silly question. But if I used a chrome cast audio or rasberry pi into the aux socket Would that allow me to use it with Roon

Yes any roon end point with an analogue out. So as you say Chromecast audio or pi with a DAC hat.

Quick follow up, I am using a chromecast cast audio device now with my speaker and it works great. About to order another for my AVR receiver!
Do CCA’s allow roon to be cast at 24/192khz ? both the speaker and amp are capable of playing them, and will do through the native heos app (which is just horrid)

They do 96/24 not sure about higher and are you really going to notice a difference :slight_smile:

Thanks, and probably not, but thought i’d check before I dive into settings. Will get on with listening and enjoying :slight_smile:

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If you do have 192 and there is a playback problem you can always convert down in roon. (Just as a reminder)

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